09-11 March 2018


The Ghent Service Jam is part of the Global Service Jam. This is an annual worldwide event organised by service design enthusiasts. It’s all about creative problem solving and co-creating new service concepts in just 48 hours.



People at hundreds of locations all over the world will be jamming at the same time. Every Jam will be working around the same topic that will be officially announced at the beginning of the weekend. We are going to have a lot of fun, so don’t hesitate to sign up.

The emphasis is on doing rather than thinking. As a jammer, you will learn and experience the service design process, methods and tools in just one weekend. We will guide you in teams to create and prototype your ideas. We will also organise 20-minute talks. Belgian service design experts will enlighten you with tips and tricks from their years of working experience. At the end of the weekend every team will have the chance to pitch their concept to a jury and receive feedback by professional design practitioners.



Basically everyone can join our jam! Students, design professionals, teachers, teenagers, entrepreneurs, thinkers, doers, ...  Absolutely everybody is welcome. You don’t need experience or a background in design. The only thing we’ll expect you to bring is tons of motivation and enthusiasm to collaborate and share new and crazy ideas.




This is a non-profit event, but we do ask you to buy a ticket for €35 to cover the expenses. This ticket includes dinner and drinks on Friday evening, breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday and drinks after the presentation on Sunday afternoon. Of course there will be lots and lots of coffee, tea, water and snacks during the weekend. We will also provide design and prototyping materials, wifi and a really cool working space.


What does a design jam look like?



We are organising our Jam at the Knight Moves’ headquarters in Ghent at Dok Noord. It’s an inspiring location with everything that’s needed for a creative jam. Be prepared for a whole weekend of inspiration and fun. You don’t need to bring anything. You could bring your laptop, but it’s not necessary.

Where: Sint-Salvatorstraat 18 / 303, 9000 Gent

When: 9 - 11 March - from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon

Price: €35



Friday 09/03

18:00 - 21:30

Welcome drinks, announcing topic, getting to know each other, teaming up,  first concept brainstorm & dinner and drinks

Saturday 10/03

9:00 Doors open & breakfast

9:40 Expert talk 

10:00 Ideation & user research

13:00 Lunch

13:40 Expert talk

14:00 Prototyping and iteration

18:00 Round-up


Sunday 11/03

9:00 Doors open and breakfast

9:40 Expert talk

10:00 Finishing up the prototype

13:00 Lunch

13:30 Make your idea presentation-ready

15:00 Presentations & jury

16:30 Drinks


Our experts

We have an awesome team of creative minds to help you throughout the weekend! Our experts will guide you through topics like user research, prototyping or pitching your idea. On Sunday afternoon you will have the chance to present your projects and get feedback from our jury members.


The organising team

The Ghent Service Jam is organised by the Belgian Service Design Chapter. María, Stina and Julie, three killer service designers, will be your hosts during the weekend.



Can I attend just one day of the jam?

Sadly, it’s not possible to attend for just one day. We work in teams to ideate, research, prototype and test the ideas. It’s all about team effort. We understand if you arrive a bit late or leave a bit earlier. If you can’t make it for the whole weekend, but really want to get a taste of the jam, you are always welcome to attend the final presentations on Sunday afternoon.


Can I stay over at the venue?

We don’t provide a place to sleep. But there are a lots of hotels, B&B’s, airBnb’s or hostels in the city centre. If you have trouble finding one, we’re happy to help you.


Are we going to work on projects that we bring to market on Monday?

If you think you can, we encourage that off course! However, it is most important that you take the opportunity to try out and learn from each other.


I have a challenge related to my job that I would like to work on, can I come in and work on that?

We’d rather that you didn’t. We want you all to get inspired from each other and work on ideas based on insights from fieldwork. However, this might be the opportunity to meet creative and interesting partners in solving your big work problem.




Do you have a question that's not on the list? Don't worry! Just send us an email at or We will be happy to answer!